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Digital Mota 11/22/22
Dispensary Development

Dispensary Development: How to Use Social Media

Dispensary development has several different components, including digital marketing and social media campaigns. But how do you use social media to the fullest as a budding dispensary in the cannabis industry? Don’t worry. Digital Mota covers everything you need to know in the article below.  How to Use Social Media as a Dispensary Social media…

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Digital Mota 11/19/22
THC Product Photography

Is Professional THC Product Photography Worth It?

The cannabis industry is loaded with brands competing for the top spot. If you’re new to the market, you’re probably wondering, “Is professional THC product photography worth it for my brand?” Although there’s an upfront investment, respected marketing services can take your marijuana merchandise to the next level. Here’s how.  Who Needs Expert Photography Services?…

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Digital Mota 11/17/22
Dispensary Development

Dispensary Development: How to Attract Local Customers

Attracting local customers is fundamental for brick-and-mortar businesses, as they’re your bread and butter. One aspect of dispensary development is growing your presence in your community and becoming an integral component of your neighborhood. But how do you accomplish this task, and how does Digital Mota help? Here’s everything you need to know. What Are…

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Digital Mota 11/14/22
California Cannabis Branding

What You Need to Know About California Cannabis Branding

California cannabis branding techniques can be a tough cookie to crack. California has the most prominent cannabis industry out of any other state and is expected to be valued at 7.7 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2022. So, what do you need to know to take your business to the next level? Here’s…

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Digital Mota 11/12/22
Digital Mota

Digital Mota News: How Do Marijuana Pardons Affect the Cannabis Industry?

President Joe Biden recently pardoned around 6,500 people convicted of cannabis possession at the federal level. These pardons are excellent news for several Americans, but how does this affect the cannabis industry on a larger scale? Here’s what Digital Mota has to say.  How Does This Affect the Cannabis Industry? The main question is, “how…

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Digital Mota 11/10/22
Digital Mota

What to Expect When You Avail of Digital Mota’s Services

If you’re reading this, you likely found Digital Mota through extensive research. You likely own a cannabis dispensary and you’re looking for an agency that could help you with your digital marketing needs.    This article isn’t an overview of our services, because you’ll find all of them on our official website. But what you…

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Digital Mota 11/07/22
Weed Store Marketing

Should I Hire a Weed Store Marketing Agency?

Until cannabis is legalized on a federal level, weed store marketing will have its fair share of challenges. Sure, these battles are no longer as grueling in the past, but giving your dispensary that much-needed boost for added exposure still isn’t as easy.  In this case, you could use the help of an agency, which…

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Digital Mota 11/05/22
Weed Photography

Weed Photography Tips For Shooting Stock Images

There is some money to be made with weed photography. What was thought to be a rather useless endeavor years ago can now be a good source of income for any photographer who also has a fondness for the magic herb, particularly its physical attributes.  One way to go about it is by selling your…

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Digital Mota 11/04/22
Edible Marketing

Is it Worth It to Invest in Edible Marketing?

As a cannabis marketer or entrepreneur, edible marketing is probably something that’s not at the top of your priority list, and understandably so. Generally, recreational users still seem to prefer smoking their buds, either through a joint or a bong.  But the edible market is continuously growing, and you’d be surprised at how many people…

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Digital Mota 11/01/22
THC Digital Marketing

How Will Federal Cannabis Legalization Affect THC Digital Marketing?

As effective as THC digital marketing is, it doesn’t come out without challenges. Given that cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, marketers will have to jump through a few hoops just to move their campaigns forward.  But all that’s about to change. Recently, U.S. President Joe Biden pardoned around 6,500 Americans who were…

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