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join us September 9, 2022 5-9PM

Cannabis Events

Come out and join Digital Mota in our Monthly Cannabis Friendly Business Mixers hosted at the Jet Room in Downtown Los Angeles! Socialize with other cannabis owners while enjoying some great food, drinks, weed & more! 

This event will be held on September 9, 2022 from 5-9pm

It is a private 420 members only lounge. Invites only! 

Max 1-3 per invite. All invites must be confirmed as there will be security at the door.
This is a 21+ event. 

No kids. This is a private event.

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Do you want to try some of the best new weed products in a fun, friendly environment? Are you looking to expand your network to include some of the absolute best dispensaries, growers, marketers, and others? Those are just some of the benefits of our Digital Mota events. At our invite-only events, all of that can happen and so much more. 

Once a month, here at Digital Mota, we love to host a get-together for our clients, friends, family, and others. Every aspect of the 420 industry is fast-paced, from the growing, to the selling, to the marketing, and everything else. To that end, we like to hold these events so that, for one night at least, everyone can kick back, have a good time, mingle, meet some new folks, and just generally enjoy themselves.

The Best Products 

At Digital Mota, we have plenty of great clients. We’re proud to work with so many great dispensaries, growers, and others in the 420 industry from all over. You’ll note that we said we have “plenty of great clients,” and not “plenty of mediocre ones.” Our clients are, in so many ways, the best of the best. So, when they bring their wares, it’s stuff absolutely worth checking out. 

That means the very best in terms of smoke, of course. Pre-rolls, flower, vape – if there’s a way that you like to consume weed, odds are we have a client who’ll be able to hook you up here. Moreover, they have the best strains, combinations, and more. These events are designed to be exactly that: events. So, we make sure that our clients provide enough to smoke so that everyone can have a good time on their terms. 

That said, we know that not everyone prefers to smoke. That’s fine, too! There will be more edibles than you can believe here, too. From cookies to gummies, and everything in between – you’ll be able to find a delicious, healthy way to consume what you want. Many of our clients use these events as a way to launch and show off what they’re working on. So, when you arrive, you’ll be given a chance to sample the very best of the best. 

Special Event, Special Environment 

While this is a Digital Mota event with all the weed you could need, there’s so much more than just weed here, too. In fact, we have plenty of great drinks as well. There’s lots of snacks, too, should you get the munchies (or just want to have great snacks). 

Beyond that, we hold these in a private, 420-specific, members-only lounge. This is not some bar where folks will be in and out of, where we’ll be crammed in the back or something. Instead, this is a private, upscale event with lots of great entertainment. Thus, you’ll be able to mingle with who you want to get to know in the industry while having the best snacks, drink, and of course, weed, to boot. 

What to Know 

This is an invite-only event. Repeat: invite-only. So, don’t just show up at the door and think you’re getting in or something. Only one to three people are allowed per invite. While we love to meet with great new people, this is an exclusive, private event, and we mean to keep it that way. 

Moreover, this is a 21 and over event, too. So that means no kids. There will be security at the door, should there be any questions about any of this. We look forward to a great event and hope you do, too! 

Want to Get in On it for Next Time? 

As you can see, these events are pretty great. All these pictures, all the videos, they’re just a taste of what these events are like and, just as importantly, what we can do. If you want to sponsor the next event, or if you want to work with us, feel free to reach out. We’re always glad to consider new clients to work with on this and so much more. 

The Next Special Event is Around the Corner 

Depending on when you’re reading this, a special event may have just passed by. But! Rest assured: the next one is right around the corner. Here at Digital Mota, we hold these monthly, so if you missed one, the next is soon to follow. 

You want to partake in a private, exclusive, one-of-a-kind evening? You can RSVP right here.

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