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Cannabis Edible Marketing Trends to Expect in 2023

Edible marketing

Cannabis edible marketing is as competitive as it can get. What may have been proven effective this year may not be the same in the coming year. Just like technology, these trends switch up like the seasons of the year: they sometimes happen before you know it. 

Don’t get yourself stuck in trends that may no longer work. You’d want to keep yourself up-to-date, and in terms of edible marketing, here’s what you can expect in 2023. 

Influencer Marketing Will be the Way to Go

Thanks to the 2022 elections, two more US territories have legalized cannabis use. Washington DC and Guam have joined the list, bumping that number to 21. 

Given that legalization is slowly but surely sweeping across the entire country, more and more influencers are beginning to surface. Many of these are new faces, but a lot of them are likewise known figures who have hopped onto the cannabis train. 

That said, you may want to take advantage of influencer marketing. The great thing about this is that these influencers are easily accessible via social media. Just be sure you have a proposal they’d have a difficult time refusing. 

Beginner-Friendly Products Can Grow Your Clientele

Because they enter the bloodstream through digestion, edibles are known to have a longer and more potent kick. And especially if you’re a beginner, this can easily turn into a nightmarish experience that would scar you for life. 

This is where beginner-friendly products can work well. Have goodies with smaller THC amounts of 5mg as a starter. It also helps to provide a guide on how to consume them in the form of a potency chart. 

Infused-Beverages Will Take Center Stage

Before legalization took effect, all the public knew about cannabis edibles are space cakes and brownies. Over the recent years, other forms of ingestible marijuana came about: chocolate bars, candies, and gummies. 

But in the coming year, we can expect infused-beverages to be a bigger hit. Since they come in soda or juice form, they’re refreshing, flavorful, and equally hard-hitting. This is something many herb-lovers can easily get on board with, and as a marketer, this is something you’d want to leverage. 

Edible marketing
Doing Edible Marketing the Right Way

There’s nothing wrong with letting professionals handle some of your workload. We at Digital Mota have a team of talented and experienced marketers who can help you craft an effective campaign that would bring you the results you’re looking for. 

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