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3 Cannabis Digital Marketing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Digital Marketing Cannabis

We’re living in the internet age, and Cannabis digital marketing is growing in popularity. And because a lot of companies are using it to their advantage (and making profits out of it), the competition is becoming steeper and steeper. 

And due to its popularity, there are certain myths that people tend to fall for. It is, after all, easier to craft inauthentic information, and a lot of these have been passed around for a handful of people to believe. Don’t be part of this statistic. Here are the cannabis digital marketing myths you should steer clear from. 

Myth 1: It’s Easy to Market Cannabis Because It’s Totally Mainstream Now 

Yes, cannabis is more accepted by society now than it was about a decade ago. But to think that it is getting mainstream recognition is completely inaccurate. 

Here’s an example: the state of California, where recreational cannabis has been legal for six years now, still has some areas where the magic bud is prohibited. 

So while it is true that marketing cannabis is easier, it is still not an automatic success story. You will still have to play by some rules. 

Myth 2: Email Marketing Won’t Work For Cannabis Because They’ll Automatically Be Flagged

This one is right in the middle. It is true that emails containing cannabis content may be flagged, especially since certain areas of the world have strict guidelines against promoting cannabis use. That could lead to your emails going directly to the spam folder. 

However, you can avoid this from happening by creating content that is meant to educate and not promote. Society is still at a stage where further education about cannabis is needed. 

If the content of your email is more about providing necessary and well-researched information, there’s less chance for it to be flagged and moved to spam. 

Myth 3: Social Media Is Your Only Marketing Option

Social media will still be the ideal platform to spread information the fastest. But since many sites won’t allow promotion, you can use other ways to market your cannabis products. 

Blog sites, for example, are a good way to start. Collaborating with other content creators and influencers is another option. 

But as we mentioned, the sole focus should be educating the readers. 

Digital Marketing Cannabis

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