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3 Website Design Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your THC SEO Strategy


When it comes to THC SEO or any SEO strategy for that matter, website design plays a huge role. Not only does it increase your site’s aesthetic value, but it also contributes to the success or failure of your overall SEO strategy. Given how search engines like Google have gotten more meticulous over the years, a conky website layout could hurt your SEO ranking in more ways than one. 

Now, this list of mistakes goes beyond the most common ones like using low-resolution photos or color schemes that are an absolute downright eyesore. If you happen to be committing any of them, now’s the time to take note and put an end to it. 

Your Website Isn’t Mobile Responsive

In this day and age of smartphones, you’d think it’d be automatic for website owners to set up their platform on mobile. But believe it or not, many digital entrepreneurs continue to commit this very crucial mistake. 

Just to put things into perspective, recent statistics show that 59.4 percent of the world’s internet traffic comes from mobile surfing. Failing to make your site mobile responsive also means failing to tap into this large market of online users. And that alone can hurt your chances for SEO success in a profound way. 

Designing Without a Specific Concept 

Yes, recreational cannabis is slowly being accepted into global society. But at the end of the day, it is still a niche industry that attracts a specific demographic. 

In terms of design, it would help to build a website according to your target audience’s taste. In the case of the cannabis industry, there almost must be a distinction between recreational and medical cannabis. 

Doing so without a specific concept that adheres accordingly would only make you miss out on the potential to rack up a larger following. And that can pose an unnecessary challenge to your SEO endeavor. 

Not Giving Importance to Visual Appeal

Whether it’s food, cocktails, or cannabis buds, we are generally visual consumers. We put a lot of weight on the aesthetic value of products, and that helps us make a more informed purchasing decision. 

You will come across many cannabis retail sites that either use low-resolution or thumbnail-sized photos. That lack of visual appeal could very much turn off a potential buyer because they don’t have access to that piece of valuable information, and that is how the product looks up close. And if this applies to you, you’re potentially losing a lot to other online dispensaries that put a premium on visual appeal. 


If You Need Help With THC SEO, We’re Here For You

One of the likely reasons you’re committing these design mistakes is that you don’t have a dedicated team to help do it for you. That’s where we at Digital Mota come into the picture. 

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