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Avoid These Mistakes When Marketing For Weed Stores

Avoid These Mistakes When Marketing For Weed Stores

Marketing For Weed Stores

Thanks to global cannabis legalization, marketing for weed stores has been a key digital strategy in recent years. Especially for dispensary owners, it’s something that could help in their brand-boosting efforts to draw in potential customers and eventually, boost revenue. 

But not every marketing strategy will bear fruit. In fact, some of them will give you the exact opposite result, and these are mistakes that are very much avoidable. 

We’ve already written several articles on the proper marketing strategies that would produce results. This time, we’ll focus on the mistakes you should avoid. 

Taking An Unprofessional Approach

Many weed stores focus their marketing efforts on the “stoner” crowd. These are the people who have almost no boundaries and moderation when it comes to their recreational cannabis use. And while going for that target market is all well and good, it shouldn’t show in your marketing strategy. 

If you want to be taken seriously, take on a more professional approach. Focus on how cannabis can enrich people’s lives and promote its proper use, even for recreational purposes. 

Making Baseless Claims

One effective marketing angle for cannabis is to highlight its therapeutic potential. And in this day and age, there are numerous studies about it, many of which are done by legitimate research institutions. 

So if this is the angle you’re going for, make sure you have the research to back up your claims. Your goal is to become an authority figure online and making baseless claims can hurt your legitimacy as a company. 

Disregarding Social Media Regulations

Many people have a wrong perception of cannabis legalization. Just because laws aren’t as harsh, it doesn’t give you the license to flaunt it, especially on social media. Many of these platforms still prohibit promoting cannabis use, as well as its sale. And since search engines and social media sites abide by federal laws that still consider cannabis as an illegal substance, you can’t run weed-themed ads on these sites. 

Yes, you can still use social media to promote your dispensary by posting special deals or products. But before doing so, be sure to know the proper rules and regulations and save yourself some headaches. 

Marketing For Weed Stores

Need Help Marketing For Weed Stores? 

If you ever need an agency to help develop a marketing strategy for your cannabis dispensary, check out Digital Mota. We have three service packages for you to choose from, each of which is designed to make your digital marketing goals reachable. 

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