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Does Your Brand Need Dispensary Photography?

Dispensary Photography

Everyone knows clean-cut, professional, and eye-catching brands stand out on the internet. But in the cannabis industry, it’s even more important to separate yourself from your competitors. The cannabis industry is growing exponentially and isn’t slowing down, making professional dispensary photography a must. Here’s how to determine if these services are right for you.

Who Needs Professional Photography?

The benefits of professional photoshoots and videography are self-explanatory. These services enhance the appearance of your brand and products. With roughly 50 milliseconds to make an impression, your online presence becomes a larger priority. 

Cannabis companies and dispensaries that are seeking to elevate their online presence can utilize these services to the fullest. For instance, you may use experienced photography if you’re an edible company to showcase your products in a brighter light. 

Stand Out On Timelines

More users engage with businesses on social media than ever before. Nearly 100% of Instagram users follow one business online. Expert-level photoshoots enhance your online presence, painting you as a professional, trustworthy, and high-quality brand. 

Digital Mota uses proven techniques that can be used for short-form video content, advertisements, and web design. These methods compound with other SEO techniques to take your brand to the next level. 

Which Packages Include Photography and Videography?

You’re probably wondering which Digital Mota package suits the scale of your business and needs. Photography and videography are offered in the Silver and Gold packages. Here’s what you need to know. 

The Silver Package

The Silver Package is best suited for dispensaries and up-and-coming cannabis brands. The main advantage of the Silver Package is that you start to reach a higher echelon with high-quality social media content, videography, and photoshoots. The Silver Package includes the following:

  • 35 Keywords
  • 2 Social Media Posts Weekly
  • 4 Blogs
  • Online Content Creation
  • Paid Advertising Management
  • 4 Hours Web Maintenance
  • 5 Keywords for Google My Business
  • 2 Stories and 1 video per month
  • 1 photo shoot every three months
  • 80 Approximate Backlinks

The Gold Package

The Gold Package is the highest tier we offer and is best suited for well-established dispensaries and cannabis brands. We offer total customization with the Gold Package, allowing you to focus on the essential aspects and take your brand to the next level. The Gold Package includes the following benefits:

  • 70 Keywords
  • 4 Social Media Posts and 4 Stories Weekly
  • 8 Blogs
  • Online Content Creation
  • Paid Advertising Management
  • 8 Hours Web Maintenance
  • 10 Keywords for Google My Business
  • Four stories and two videos per month
  • 1 photo shoot every month
  • 150 Approximate Backlinks
  • Total Customization Available

Dispensary Photography

Purchase Professional Dispensary Photography Today

Separating yourself from the pack is essential in the digital age, especially in the cannabis industry. Your industry is crowded with competing brands, products, and dispensaries, all vying for the top spot. Digital Mota is here to revolutionize your online presence with proven marketing techniques and high-quality content creation. 

We can take your dispensary to the next level with curated content, social media advertisements, and premium videography. If you’re serious about increasing your brand recognition, contact Digital Mota at (888) 559-5910 or use the online contact form.

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