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Here’s How You Become a THC Content Creation Superstar

THC content creation

THC content creation is a relatively new concept, given the likewise relatively recent legalization of cannabis use through the rest of the US and certain parts of the world. Many businesses are now taking advantage of it and how it can potentially deliver desirable results. 

Because of its popularity, success doesn’t come by as simple as it did in the past. But that doesn’t mean that conquering this mountain is an unachievable feat. And we may just have the secrets on how you can make it happen for you. 

Focus on Evergreen Content

A few of you are probably wondering what “evergreen” content is. In a nutshell, it’s content that stands the test of time. It will remain relevant after many years, unless there’s a massive trend shift. 

In relation to the cannabis space, evergreen content is something along the lines of “How to Avoid the Munchies Attack” or “Save Yourself From a Bad Cannabis Trip.” If you tackle it with educated authority, there’s a good chance that your articles will remain fitting for the present time after five, even ten years later. 

Make Your Written Content Easy to Digest

In the age of infographics, TikTok and YouTube shorts, people are more drawn to images (moving and otherwise) than written articles. These pieces of content, after all, are less time-consuming. You’ll meet tons of people who prefer to watch the movie version of a book because they just don’t have enough hours to read 300 pages, regardless of how captivating the story is. 

So if you’ve decided on written content, make sure they’re easily digestible. Avoid large blocks of texts that make your articles feel like a thesis dissertation or a medical peer review. 

Instead, go with shorter paragraphs with three to four sentences. And unless they’re extensive, deep-dive features, stick to 1,000-word articles. 


We just talked about different content types, and this is something you may also want to venture into. While blog posts still work, it could benefit you to make the most out of other content types like infographics or animated YouTube explainers. 

With this strategy, you offer a different look to your audience, which in turn, keeps the engagement fresh. 

THC content creation

Let Us Guide You Through Your THC Content Creation

Should you need professional assistance with your THC content creation, check us out at Digital Mota. We have three service packages for you to offer, which you can choose from according to your budget and needs. 

If you need more information, visit our website.

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