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How Will Federal Cannabis Legalization Affect THC Digital Marketing?

THC Digital Marketing

As effective as THC digital marketing is, it doesn’t come out without challenges. Given that cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, marketers will have to jump through a few hoops just to move their campaigns forward. 

But all that’s about to change. Recently, U.S. President Joe Biden pardoned around 6,500 Americans who were previously convicted of marijuana possession. These people will have their felonies wiped off their records. In one fell swoop, they get to have their lives back. 

This may be one of the first steps to federal cannabis legalization. If so, it will affect the industry in a big way, including digital marketers for dispensaries. And here are some possible ways of it happening. 

Less Online Restrictions

Right now, most social platforms prohibit any posting of cannabis, especially if it is meant to promote its use. That covers Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Even Google has strict policies in terms of their Adwords. 

But once federal legalization takes effect, these restrictions should lessen, if not disappear totally. This gives marketing agencies more freedom to advertise their products and ultimately reach a wider audience. 

The Negative Stigma Disappears 

There remains a negative stigma about cannabis despite the legalization of its recreational use. A handful of people will still adhere to the belief that it is a gateway substance to harder drugs, and would therefore avoid it like the plague while sending the same message to their loved ones. 

But once the federal ban disappears, the negative stigma will gradually follow suit. And again, that will have a positive effect on the sale and marketing of cannabis as the wonder plant that it really is. 

It Would Be Easier to Educate People

The federal ban on cannabis makes it more challenging to battle misinformation. But once it is lifted, educating people with the right information based on research would be much easier. 

By gaining that valuable knowledge, society as a whole will become more open about the plant’s known benefits. Ultimately, it will be a smoother process in terms of regulation. 

THC Digital Marketing

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