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Is it Worth It to Invest in Edible Marketing?

Edible Marketing

As a cannabis marketer or entrepreneur, edible marketing is probably something that’s not at the top of your priority list, and understandably so. Generally, recreational users still seem to prefer smoking their buds, either through a joint or a bong. 

But the edible market is continuously growing, and you’d be surprised at how many people are starting to prefer it as their main method of consumption. This 2018 study, for one, revealed that people are now more inclined to choose edibles, primarily because of the absence of smoke, both firsthand and secondhand. 

But does this mean you should consider investing a chunk of your money in marketing edibles? Let’s delve into it further. 

The Stats

Let’s quickly look at the numbers from this 2021 research. It shows that in 2020, edible sales from the total market were at 18.4%, which is equivalent to $1.15 billion. That number jumped to 20.4% in just a year, which was equivalent to $1.38 billion. 

There are a few reasons for this: one, newer, younger users are believed to be intimated with the other consumption forms these days, like dab rigs. Some of them are unable to roll a proper joint, while others aren’t fond of inhaling smoke. 

The Variety

If you spoke about edible cannabis to an uncle who lived through the “flower power” era of decades past, you’ll likely hear more about space cakes and brownies. But since recreational legalization happened, manufacturers have come up with a wider variety of edible choices. 

These days, consumers can enjoy cannabis edibles in different forms, whether it be gummies, candies, chocolate bars, and even infused sodas and juices. Entering a dispensary is like being in a candy shop, and that’s caused a dramatic change in how people consume their weed. 

The Changing of Times

Society’s stance on cannabis alone has dramatically changed throughout the years. In a nutshell, people have become more accepting of it, and as a marketer, it’s only proper to adapt to the changing times. 

Currently, we’re looking at the possibility of federal legalization, and that alone would create a major ripple effect throughout the industry. 

Edible Marketing

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