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Powerful SEO Tips From a Weed Store Marketing Agency

Weed Store Marketing Agency

It’s not everyday that you get to receive SEO tips from a weed store marketing agency. But we at Digital Mota are all about providing valuable services to our clients, outside of the ones that we already offer. 

For this, we have for you powerful SEO tips that could help bring you a step closer to success. Search Engine Optimization, of course, is a strategy used by many to boost their search rankings on Google. That would ultimately give you that much-needed exposure, and here are some ways to achieve that. 

Don’t Forget Your Google Business Profile

If you Google any business, you’ll find instant pieces of information on the front page. This would usually contain their operating hours, phone number, and street address. Many businesses unfortunately forget to set up their Google business profile, and that can have them lagging behind their competitors who have this all filled out. 

Don’t forget your Google business profile. It will help you out in the long run. 

Create Updated Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is a piece of content that isn’t time-sensitive. A good example would be an article about “how to avoid a bad cannabis trip.” Even if it was written three years ago, there’s a good chance that all the information still holds true in the present day. 

But even if it is evergreen, you will still want to keep it updated. The article may require some additions, or you can change the photos if deemed necessary. 

Keep Search Intent In Mind

People rely on Google for everything nowadays, and because of that, the platform has smartened up. Instead of simply searching for “cannabis benefits,” they will instead type in something like, “how can cannabis benefit someone with sleep trouble?” 

Search intent matters for SEO. Good thing you can use tools like Answer the Public, which will give you a clear breakdown of what people are searching for. And knowing search intent will put you a step ahead from the competition. 

weed store marketing agency

A Dependable Weed Store Marketing Agency

For years, Digital Mota has been the go-to agency for many dispensaries and cannabis businesses. Thanks to our package offers, our clients are able to promote their businesses much more effectively. If you want to know more about what they are and what we are all about as an agency,. You can also call us at (888) 428-1887.

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