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Weed Photography Tips For Shooting Stock Images

Weed Photography

There is some money to be made with weed photography. What was thought to be a rather useless endeavor years ago can now be a good source of income for any photographer who also has a fondness for the magic herb, particularly its physical attributes. 

One way to go about it is by selling your photos to be used as stock images. Stock photographers usually earn between $0.02 to $0.25 per image per month, which includes professionals. 

So how do you maximize this? Let this short article guide you. 

Break Away From the Stigma

Tapping into the stoner audience can only get you too far. Sure, it can still bring a lot of attention, but by doing this, you only attract a certain number of people. 

If you want to maximize your reach, you have to break away from that negative stigma by diversifying your target audience. 

Instead of using the quintessential pothead as your subject, why not go for a medical cannabis patient, instead? This way, you show another side of cannabis culture that’s meant to be more meaningful and educational. 

Know Your Audience 

The images you take should be suitable for the particular audience you’re trying to communicate with. If you’re working with a medical cannabis company, photos should be shot professionally with ample lighting and proper aesthetics. 

But ultimately, you’d want photos with clearer, higher resolutions. In this day and age, people gravitate more toward images that aren’t blurry and don’t look like they were taken using an old-school film camera. 

Be Creative 

The key to attention-grabbing stock images is to present the products in a way that would be enticing. If you haven’t looked at a cannabis bud up close, you’ll notice crystal-like formations on its surface. These are called trichomes, and they play a role in the overall potency and effect of the buds. 

In this case, you’d want to be creative with your shot selections. Use different angles to highlight those precious aesthetics. If you have a zoom lens, this would be the best time to whip it out. 

Weed Photography

We Can Help You With Your Weed Photography

Now, if you want some professional assistance, Digital Mota is an agency you can count on. Check out our service packages, where we offer a certain number of photos per month, all of which will depend on what you go for. 

Digital Mota

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