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Digital Mota 02/09/23
Dispensary Content Creation

Tips for a Dispensary Content Creation

When it comes to dispensary content creation, it’s essential to keep your customers in mind. Your dispensary, by itself, should be able to satisfy customers in every way (by stocking the items they want, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere, employing helpful personnel, etc.). However, outstanding media production is essential to get the word out about your…

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Digital Mota 02/08/23
Marketing for Weed Stores

Does Your Business Need Full-Service Marketing for Weed Stores?

When your business starts to grow, you encounter questions like, “When is full-service marketing for weed stores right for me?” This can be a difficult question to answer if you aren’t sure about your goals, potential, or budget. Fortunately, we cover everything you need to know to take the next step in your brand’s growth…

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Digital Mota 02/07/23
Online Dispensary Marketing

How Online Dispensary Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Online dispensary marketing may assist company owners in expanding their consumer base and attracting new clients. A wide variety of helpful software and informational resources are available online for companies who want to run effective internet marketing campaigns. The proprietors of dispensaries can communicate with their consumers and raise brand recognition by using these methods….

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Digital Mota 02/06/23
Marketing for Dispensaries

Is Professional Digital Marketing for Dispensaries Right For Your Brand?

So, you want to take your weed shop to the next level and reach more customers? You’ll need professional digital marketing for dispensaries to achieve your goals. Certified agencies can help you gain more customers organically through proven strategies. Here’s everything you need to know.  Think About the Services You Need You’ll need to think…

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Digital Mota 02/06/23
THC content creation

Here’s How You Become a THC Content Creation Superstar

THC content creation is a relatively new concept, given the likewise relatively recent legalization of cannabis use through the rest of the US and certain parts of the world. Many businesses are now taking advantage of it and how it can potentially deliver desirable results.  Because of its popularity, success doesn’t come by as simple…

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Digital Mota 02/04/23
Effective Weed Marketing in California

What Does Effective Weed Marketing in California Look Like?

Anyone in Los Angeles can call themselves a digital marketer these days. But if you’re serious about growing your cannabis business, then you need effective weed marketing in California.  So, how can you tell which agencies are using the best strategies that yield proven results? How can you tell which services your business needs? We…

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Digital Mota 02/02/23
CBD Promotion in LA

What You Need to Know About CBD Promotion in LA

So, you’re looking to break out into the cannabis market and grow your brand? If you answered yes, you’d need to know the basics of CBD Promotion in LA to give your business the best chance for growth. Fortunately, we cover everything you need to know in the article below. Read on for more information. …

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Digital Mota 02/01/23
Los Angeles Cannabis Marketing

This Is How You Ensure Success For Your Los Angeles Cannabis Marketing Strategy

Whether it’s Los Angeles cannabis marketing or marketing for cannabis in general, success these days doesn’t come by easily. The competition has gotten much steeper, and the industry moves very quickly. The strategies that may have worked a year ago, may not be as effective when you use it today.  But there is one strategy…

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Digital Mota 01/27/23
Effective Weed Marketing California

How to Do Effective Weed Marketing in California for 2023

There isn’t a template and formula for effective weed marketing in California. It requires a lot of research, as well as trial-and-error. But even then, success isn’t a sure thing.  However, you can increase your chances to get the results you’re looking for. The general idea is to keep your strategies up-to-date, since digital marketing…

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Digital Mota 01/23/23
Digital Marketing Cannabis

3 Cannabis Digital Marketing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

We’re living in the internet age, and Cannabis digital marketing is growing in popularity. And because a lot of companies are using it to their advantage (and making profits out of it), the competition is becoming steeper and steeper.  And due to its popularity, there are certain myths that people tend to fall for. It…

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