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Digital Mota 09/30/22
Marketing for Weed Stores

Marketing for Weed Stores: Why Web Design is Crucial

The cannabis industry grows and improves each year. New states legalize marijuana, meaning more and more businesses compete in the market. As a business owner, you already know how important marketing for weed stores is. But does your marketing strategy focus on fundamentals like web design? Here’s how Digital Mota can help. Why Web Design…

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Digital Mota 09/28/22
Dispensary Digital Marketing

3 Dispensary Digital Marketing Tips From a Reputable Agency

Dispensary digital marketing, when done right, would give you desirable results. Not only will it give your shop much-needed exposure, but it can also turn you into a figure of authority and strengthen your online presence.  Now, many of you reading this likely don’t have any formal digital marketing training. You can do your own research,…

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Digital Mota 09/26/22
Edible Marketing

Here’s How You Solidify Your Cannabis Edible Marketing Strategy Online

Marijuana legalization has so far changed the way we approach many things, including in business. And cannabis edible marketing, for one, is an offshoot of that change and will likely remain relevant in the coming years in the future of digital technology.  Especially if you’re a dispensary owner, it would benefit you a lot to…

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Digital Mota 09/23/22
THC Content Creation

How to Get Started With THC Content Creation

THC content creation is one of the helpful strategies that cannabis dispensaries can use to promote their business. It’s also a way to educate people about the upside of marijuana use, including its potential therapeutic benefits.  But given how cannabis remains to be a slight taboo among many people, THC content creation needs to be…

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Digital Mota 09/19/22
Weed Photography

What You Need to Know Before Getting Into Weed Photography

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering getting into weed photography. You’re aware of the potential success that cannabis digital marketing brings, and you also see it as a way to expand your skills.  Both of these reasons, of course, are all well and good. But since cannabis remains to be a niche and on…

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Digital Mota 09/16/22
Avoid These Mistakes When Marketing For Weed Stores

Avoid These Mistakes When Marketing For Weed Stores

Thanks to global cannabis legalization, marketing for weed stores has been a key digital strategy in recent years. Especially for dispensary owners, it’s something that could help in their brand-boosting efforts to draw in potential customers and eventually, boost revenue.  But not every marketing strategy will bear fruit. In fact, some of them will give…

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Digital Mota 09/12/22
Marketing For Cannabis

Dos and Don’ts When Marketing For Cannabis

Marketing for cannabis is a fairly new concept, which only took off thanks to global legalization, especially for recreational use. It’s a strategy that many are still new to, regardless of their digital marketing experience.  While there are strategies that work, there are mistakes you can also very much avoid. And if you’re reading this,…

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Digital Mota 09/09/22
Cannabis SEO Strategies to Boost Search Rankings

Cannabis SEO Strategies to Boost Search Rankings

Cannabis SEO is a vital strategy to help create awareness for your dispensary and eventually, boost your brand. If you want to stand out in the steep competition you’re facing in your chosen industry, this is something you’ll have to put the effort into.  SEO, however, is a fast-changing aspect of digital marketing. Strategies that…

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Digital Mota 09/05/22

3 Website Design Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your THC SEO Strategy

When it comes to THC SEO or any SEO strategy for that matter, website design plays a huge role. Not only does it increase your site’s aesthetic value, but it also contributes to the success or failure of your overall SEO strategy. Given how search engines like Google have gotten more meticulous over the years,…

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Digital Mota 09/02/22
Tips to Strengthen Your Los Angeles CBD Marketing Strategy

Tips to Strengthen Your Los Angeles CBD Marketing Strategy

If you’re in the cannabis digital industry, you know how challenging it is to craft an effective Los Angeles CBD marketing strategy. Given marijuana’s major boost in popularity since the state legalized recreational use six years ago, the competition has also steepened immensely.  Likewise, CBD, which is widely known for its therapeutic potential, has also…

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