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Digital Mota 02/21/23
thc content creation

Should You Get Into THC Content Creation?

If you’re running a cannabis dispensary, THC content creation is one of the strategies that can help shorten your path to success. It’s a supplemental piece of the puzzle that can legitimize your business further as an authoritative figure in the cannabis digital space. That is, of course, if you create valuable pieces of content…

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Digital Mota 02/20/23
dispensary digital marketing

Three Dispensary Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Practice

Dispensary digital marketing is a proven strategy for cannabis entrepreneurs. A lot of them have found success through this approach, but that didn’t come without a lot of trial and error, research, and putting in the work.  And in order to have a better chance at success, you’ll need to employ certain strategies. And that’s…

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Digital Mota 02/20/23
Marketing for Cannabis

New Must Follow Trends In Cannabis Marketing

Over the course of the past few years, when advertisers were still fighting legislation, the advertising marketing for cannabis and CBD proved to be an entirely new world for sellers, producers, and advertising vendors alike. The digital market was taken by storm by CDB products, maintaining steady growth and increasing consumer interest and cultural conversation….

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Digital Mota 02/18/23
marketing for weed stores

This Is Why Marketing For Weed Stores Is Essential For Your Strategy

Those who have a more traditional approach to the digital strategy may not think much of marketing for weed stores. It is, after all, a fairly new concept, one that came about when legalization began happening across the globe.  It is a helpful approach if you think about it. In the long run, it can…

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Digital Mota 02/17/23
California Cannabis Branding

Top Things Budtenders Get Asked Everytime

When users walk into a dispensary in California for the first time, there will almost certainly be a lot of questions. It is important to note that even in California, this demographic makes up the vast majority of customers. As more states in the United States legalize marijuana for recreational use, it is inevitable that…

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Digital Mota 02/16/23
marketing for dispensaries

How to Get Started With Marketing For Dispensaries

Marketing for dispensaries does promise favourable results if you do it right. Since legalization, the cannabis industry skyrocketed further, making it a profitable business to get into.  Given that it is a hit or miss and bears a 50-50 chance for success, a strong start is necessary. And this is what we’ll discuss in this…

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Digital Mota 02/15/23
thc product promotion

What Should You Know About THC Product Promotion?

Promoting your products and running digital marketing campaigns are essential to growing your business. There are countless strategies, techniques, and services you can use to grow your brand. So, what should you know about THC Product Promotion? Here’s everything you need to know from Digital Mota.  Product Promotion Takes Time As the saying goes, “Rome…

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Digital Mota 02/14/23
Marketing for Dispensaries

Increase Local Retail Visits With This Strategies

Even though the beginning of every year comes with several challenges, there is always the opportunity for personal and business growth. Companies will need to improve their efforts to differentiate themselves within their particular sections of the cannabis market as competition intensifies. In order to remain competitive in 2023, cannabis brands and dispensaries must come…

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Digital Mota 02/13/23
thc product marketing

The Top 4 Underrated THC Product Marketing Techniques

A successful digital marketing campaign requires proven strategies that yield dramatic results. But there are underrated techniques that can generate new leads and conversions and engage your audience. Here are a few underrated THC Product Marketing techniques you can incorporate into your next campaign.  #1 Conduct Interviews With Industry Experts Interviews are a highly underrated…

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Digital Mota 02/13/23
Cannabis Digital Marketing

Infallible Cannabis Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Count On For This 2023

As more and more states legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, the market for cannabis and related products continues to grow rapidly. This presents an exciting opportunity for your cannabis digital marketing strategy to reach a new and potentially lucrative audience. However, there are some unique challenges and considerations to keep in mind when…

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